Citrus & Other Potted Fruit Trees 2020

Citrus, olives, avocados, mulberries, loquats and other potted fruit tree varieties started arriving at the beginning of May, with prices starting from $59.95 in a 25cm pot. Come on up to the nursery and check out our huge selection of fruiting plants!

What fruit tree varieties are available in pots?

Download our Pollination Guide & Price List below to see what’s arrived this season. Please note that the list doesn’t reflect availability and many lines will have sold out. Call us on (03) 6239 6850 if you’re after something specific.

How do I prune, plant and care for fruit trees?

When you collect your trees we’re happy to prune them for you or show you how to do it yourself, and give you any advice you need on planting and caring for them. You’re also welcome to call us on (03) 6239 6850 if you need help.