Fruit Trees

Bare root fruit trees are available from early June through to the start of September.

We sell thousands of competitively priced bare root fruit trees each winter, starting from $24.95 and offer a 10% discount when buying 5 or more.

To see what varieties were available in winter 2018, check out our Bare Root Fruit Tree List.

All of our trees are stored in aged sawdust and exposed to the elements through the winter season, when they receive their period of chilling.

You are able to hand select your tree/s of preference and we will prune and bag them in sawdust ready for you to take home and plant. When you purchase your bare root trees from us, you can be certain that they have not dried out and have the best chance of survival.

Citrus, olives, and various berries including blueberries are also stocked in large numbers.

Our citrus deliveries arrive April – September each year.

25cm potted Citrus start from $54.95, buy any 3 and you save 10%

Columnar Apple, Dwarf Peach, Dwarf Pear, Dwarf Nectarine, Columnar Apple
(Left to right)
Dwarf fruit trees
Plum Trees
Plum trees Hobart