Citrus, mulberries, olives, loquats & more!

The first of our three deliveries of potted citrus, mulberries, avocados, olives and loquats arrived back in May, and we’ve just received one final delivery to close out the 2018 season.  Some varieties have already sold out and won’t be available again until next year, so get in quick while stocks last.

Prices start at $54.95 for a tree in a 25cm pot, and you’ll save 10% when buying 3 or more trees. Here are all the varieties and pricing for the 2018 season.

Note: items not crossed out are in stock as of 16/10/18. Please call us on (03) 6239 6850 to confirm availability.

Fruit Variety Pot size Price
Avocado Bacon Avocado (Type B) 25CM $99.95
Avocado Fuerte Avocado (Type B) 25CM $99.95
Avocado Hass Avocado (Type A) 25CM $84.95
Avocado Reed Avocado (Type A) 25CM $99.95
Cumquat Green Cumquat 25CM $54.95
Cumquat Myrtifolia Chinotto Cumquat 25CM $54.95
Cumquat Nagami Cumquat 25CM $54.95
Cumquat (Standard) Green Cumquat (Standard) 25CM $99.95
Grapefruit Marsh Grapefruit 25CM $54.95
Grapefruit Ruby Red Grapefruit 25CM $54.95
Grapefruit Wheeny Grapefruit 25CM $54.95
Lemon Eureka Lemon 25CM $54.95
Lemon Lisbon Lemon 25CM $54.95
Lemon Meyer Lemon 25CM $54.95
Lemon Thornless Lemon 25CM $54.95
Lemon (Double Graft) Meyer/Eureka Lemon (Double Graft) 25CM $84.95
Lemon (Dwarf) Dwarf Eureka Lemon 25CM $69.95
Lemon (Dwarf) Dwarf Meyer Lemon 25CM $69.95
Lemon/Lime Eureka/Tahitian (Double Grafted) 25CM $84.95
Lemonade Lemonade 25CM $54.95
Lime Australian Lime 25CM $54.95
Lime Kaffir Lime 25CM $54.95
Lime Tahitian Lime 25CM $54.95
Lime (Dwarf) Kaffir Tahitian Lime 25CM $69.95
Lime (Dwarf) Dwarf Tahitian Lime 25CM $69.95
Loquat Enormity Loquat 25CM $69.95
Loquat Herds Mammoth Loquat 25CM $69.95
Loquat Sewells Prolific Loquat 25CM $69.95
Mandarin Imperial Mandarin 25CM $54.95
Mandarin Emperor Mandarin 25CM $54.95
Mandarin Honey Murcott Mandarin 25CM $54.95
Mandarin Japanese Seedless Mandarin 25CM $54.95
Mandarin (Dwarf) Emperor Mandarin 25CM $69.95
Mandarin (Dwarf) Imperial Mandarin 25CM $69.95
Mulberry Black English Mulberry 25CM $79.95
Olive (Olea Europaea) Kalamata Olive 25CM $54.95
Olive (Olea Europaea) Manzanillo Olive 25CM $54.95
Olive (Olea Europaea) Mission Olive 25CM $54.95
Olive (Olea Europaea) Spanish Queen Olive 25CM $54.95
Orange Blood Orange 25CM $54.95
Orange Lanes Navel Orange 25CM $54.95
Orange Seedless Valencia Orange 25CM $54.95
Orange Seville Orange 25CM $54.95
Orange Washington Navel Orange 25CM $54.95
Orange (Dwarf) Dwarf Lanes Navel Orange 25CM $69.95
Orange (Dwarf) Dwarf Washington Navel Orange 25CM $69.95
Persimmon Fuyu Persimmon (Non-astringent) 25CM $64.95
Persimmon Jiro Persimmon (Non-astringent) 25CM $64.95
Tangelo Minneola Tangelo 25CM $54.95